Golf Cart Tragedy at Disneyland: Employee’s Fatal Fall Causes Shockwaves

Anaheim, California – A tragic incident occurred at Disneyland when a long-time employee, Bonnye Mavis Lear, lost her life after falling off a moving golf cart while on duty. Lear, 60, who had dedicated 24 years of service at the California theme park, suffered severe head injuries in the accident, eventually leading to her untimely death two days later. The Anaheim Police Department responded to the scene of the crash on Wednesday morning after the devastating incident took place in the backstage area of the popular tourist destination.

Reports indicate that Lear was a valued member of the Disneyland Resort staff, specifically working in the membership services at Club 33, a distinguished private dining club within the park. Details surrounding the fatal crash remain limited, but colleagues of Lear described the driver of the golf cart as driving recklessly, causing Lear to be ejected from the vehicle after hitting a road bump. Rae Delgado, a California Adventure attractions cast member, recounted that Lear was seated in the rear-facing seat of the cart while traveling at a speed of 20 mph when the tragic events unfolded.

Delgado expressed her frustrations over the situation, emphasizing that the driver’s reckless behavior could have been avoided to prevent such a tragic outcome. She also highlighted the apparent failure of the handrail that led to Lear’s fall, resulting in a fractured skull and severe head trauma. The incident has left the Disneyland community in mourning, with President Ken Potrock extending condolences to Lear’s family and co-workers, ensuring support for all affected by the heartbreaking loss.

As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding Lear’s death, the tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety protocols and vigilance in ensuring the well-being of employees at all times. The Disneyland Resort, a beloved and iconic destination for visitors around the world, faces a somber period as they navigate the aftermath of this unfortunate event. Despite the tragedy, efforts are being made to provide necessary resources and assistance to those impacted, reflecting a commitment to honoring Lear’s memory and ensuring the welfare of the Disneyland community.