GOP Fundraising a Sign of Looming “Red Wave?”

( – Republicans believe taking back the majority in Congress is extremely important in the upcoming midterm elections. They don’t believe the country is headed in the right direction (pun intended) and need to stop President Joe Biden in his tracks. GOP donors agree.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has money pouring into its campaign coffers. In December, donors gave the organization $11.3 million. In total, Conservatives gave the RNC $158.6 million in all of 2021. The numbers mean the GOP outraised their Democratic counterparts by about $1.6 million. According to a Breitbart News report, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) only raised $10.7 million in December, which brought its total up to more than $157 million.

The fact the GOP outraised the Democratic Party during Biden’s first year as president and the first year of VP Kamala Harris’ historic term says a lot about the way the American people feel about the Left. Couple the news with their administration’s persistently low approval ratings, the 28 Democratic lawmakers who are not running next year, and it spells disaster for their party. It also signals the possibility of an absolutely crushing Red wave in November.

Do you think there will be a Red wave this fall?

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