GOP Governor Restoring Voter Rights

GOP Governor Restoring Voter Rights

( – In Iowa, if a convicted felon wants to restore his or her voting rights, they have to ask the governor. It’s the only state in the US that bans those convicted of felonies from casting a ballot for the rest of their lives. However, that may not be the case for long.

On June 16, Governor Kim Reynolds (R) said her team is working on an executive order to restore voting rights for convicted felons. The announcement comes after the Republican met with Des Moines Black Lives Matter on June 12 and committed to ending the lifetime ban. She said she plans to issue the order in early fall or late summer. A GOP candidate for House praised the governor for her decision.

If the governor follows through with her promise, roughly 52,000 felons could have their rights restored. The executive order will exclude those who were convicted of child endangerment that resulted in the death of a child, murder, election fraud, and felons would have to pay restitution. Without a constitutional amendment from the legislature, however, the governor’s order can be rescinded by future executives.

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