GOP Lawmaker Rips Democrats for Soft Approach to BLM Riots

GOP Lawmaker Rips Democrats for Soft Approach to BLM Riots

( – The Capitol Hill violence that took place on January 6 was, without a doubt, sad to watch. Five Americans lost their lives during the incident. What’s almost as bad is the way the Democratic Party responded to the incident. Instead of calling for unity and trying to bring the country together, like President Donald Trump did, they have spent more than a week trying to blame Republicans for what happened.

Conservatives are appalled by the Left’s behavior in the days since the incident. And GOP lawmakers are rightfully calling them out on their hypocrisy.

Republican Lawmaker Slams Democrats

On Wednesday, January 13, the House voted to impeach President Trump because Democrats claimed he was to blame for the incident at the Capitol. Prior to the vote, lawmakers stood on the floor and debated the article of impeachment. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) condemned the incident in Washington, DC during his floor speech, but then he reminded the Left about how they behaved as the BLM riots took place across the country over the summer.

The congressman said the incident at the Capitol could have been prevented if they’d “prosecuted BLM and Antifa rioters with the same determination these last six months.” Democrats didn’t call for those agitators to be arrested, though. Instead, they were encouraged and supported. Kamala Harris even shared a bail fund for the summer rioters and asked her supporters to help them.

Democratic Agenda

McClintock wasn’t alone in his thinking. Many Republican lawmakers echoed similar sentiments over the course of the day on Wednesday. Democrats paid little mind, though. They went ahead with the impeachment vote even though they knew it would divide the country further.

It’s clear that the Republicans want to unify the country, but the Left is just interested in exacting revenge on Trump.

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