GOP Preparing for Massive Win

GOP Preparing for Massive Win

( – During midterm elections, it’s typical for the party in the White House to lose congressional seats. This next election cycle will likely follow that pattern. Looking ahead to November 2022, the GOP is preparing for enormous wins in the legislative branch, as top lawmakers believe Biden and his administration have provided plenty of fodder to topple their current majority.

On Friday, April 16, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) spoke with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, assuring the host that he will “make sure every American knows” about the poor policies put forward by the Left over the past few months.

Between the surge of migrants at the border, the radical Left’s cultural agenda, run-away Democratic congressional spending, and many American children still not having an option for in-person schooling, there are numerous topics Republicans will highlight during campaigns to show Democrats’ poor use of power. One race to watch is happening in Georgia, shared here by the Epoch Times:

Just like how Republicans won seats in 2010, 2012, and 2014 during President Barack Obama’s presidency, the GOP hopes to take back the Senate and House in 2022. They’re confident that through sharing factual information about what Democrats have done to our country in a matter of months, they’ll be able to pull off major wins across the nation to regain control of Congress.

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