Governor Orders 700 National Guard Troops Deployed to Hospitals

Governor Orders 700 National Guard Troops Deployed to Hospitals

( – Hospitalizations are on the rise as the COVID-19 Omicron variant sweeps across the US. Although evidence shows this variant isn’t as deadly as Delta, it’s still putting a strain on medical resources. Oregon’s governor is now being forced to take action to prop up the healthcare system.

On Wednesday, January 12, Governor Kate Brown (D) announced 700 Oregon National Guard troops were being sent to hospitals that are feeling “extreme pressure” during the latest surge. The day before, the state’s Health Authority reported 727 coronavirus patients were being treated in medical facilities across the state. The latest deployment brings the number of troops in hospitals up to 1,200.

What the Democrat failed to mention in her announcement is she’s partly responsible for the strain on the hospitals in her state. Brown issued a vaccine requirement for healthcare workers last year. In October, thousands of nurses and others lost their jobs as a result of the directives. Perhaps the governor should rehire the healthcare heroes who were fired as the result of the draconian mandates, then the state wouldn’t need hundreds of National Guardsmen.

In September, President Joe Biden also implemented mandates for all medical facilities that receive Medicare/Medicaid funding. On January 13, the Supreme Court allowed that mandate to stand.

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