Governor Signs Order to Ban Gender Hormone Therapy for Minors

Governor Signs Order to Ban Gender Hormone Surgery For Minors

( – There has been a lot of debate over the last several years about whether or not parents should facilitate or allow their children to “transition” to a different gender. Some experts believe that allowing kids to do it too soon can have a dangerous impact on their lives. Then there’s a whole other debate about whether gender reassignment surgery on children should even be allowed. The risks associated with medical transitioning are plenty and one governor is protecting the kids in his state.

Governor Signs Ban

On May 17, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) signed legislation that prohibits doctors from prescribing hormone treatments to prepubescent children. That includes hormone suppressing medication and other forms of hormone therapy.

According to 2017 guidelines from the Endocrine Society, the organization doesn’t recommend giving “puberty blocking and gender-affirming treatment” to children who have not gone through puberty.

In 2019, the Heritage Foundation hosted an event about treating transgender kids. Dr. Ryan Anderson was the host of the event and said medical treatments of trans youths are “virtually untested and inflict lasting harms.” He said he believes people who have had reassignment surgeries are 19 times more likely to commit suicide.

Tennessee isn’t the only state to ban this type of treatment. Recently, Arkansas also passed a similar law. That legislation prevents doctors from prescribing the medication to anyone under the age of 18, not just those who are prepubescent. It became law after the legislature overrode Governor Asa Hutchinson’s (R) veto in April.

Lee’s Other Bills

Governor Lee isn’t just protecting kids from transitioning too early. He’s also signed legislation requiring schools to provide private restrooms for kids who cannot use the bathroom that matches their chosen gender. The Left has said the bill is discriminatory, but the proponents say it actually protects those children, instead of forcing them into situations that make them uncomfortable.

Lee has also signed a bill that bans biological males from playing female sports. The governor’s recent decisions have shown that he’s willing to do what’s right for the kids in his state, no matter what the Left thinks. It’s encouraging that some of our government leaders are applying common sense solutions before things get out of hand.

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