Grand Jury Findings Result In Termination Of Superintendent

Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler was fired by the school board on Tuesday night in response to a grand jury report on the district’s handling of two sexual assaults committed by the same student.

At a school board meeting, last year, a father accused the district of covering up his daughter’s sexual assault by a biological boy wearing a skirt in a girls’ bathroom, which attracted national attention. The suspect then transferred to another school in the district and assaulted another girl, and faced charges in both cases.

The grand jury report, which was released on Monday, said that the district was looking out for its own interests instead of the best interests of its students and that the school system “failed at every juncture.”

The report also condemned Ziegler for denying at a June 2021 school board meeting that he had any knowledge of the first assault, which had occurred in May of that year.

The grand jury’s report explained that the district failed at several points to “step in and alter” the sequence of events that led to the second assault.

It also said that the grand jury did not find a “coordinated cover-up” between school officials and the school board but that the second assault “could have and should have been prevented.”