Greenard Signs $72M Deal with Vikings, Shaking Up Defense

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – The Minnesota Vikings have landed a significant deal, securing their defense with the addition of Houston Texans free agent Jonathan Greenard in a four-year, $72 million contract. This move comes as the Vikings face uncertainty with their top two pass rushers, Danielle Hunter and D.J. Wonnum, both pending unrestricted free agents.

Greenard, 26, brings a valuable track record to the Vikings, having accumulated 23 sacks throughout his career. His standout performance last season, with career-high numbers in sacks, tackles, quarterback hits, tackles for loss, and games played, showcases his potential impact on the field.

Standing out as the sack leader for the Texans and contributing to a franchise record in single-season sacks, Greenard’s prowess in defending both the run and pass game demonstrates his versatility as a player. While his career has been marred by various injuries, limiting his game-time appearances, Greenard has proven his worth with impressive sack numbers in his recent games.

Selected in the third round of the 2021 draft, Greenard’s acquisition underscores the Vikings’ commitment to shoring up their defense. As the team continues to make strategic moves in preparation for the upcoming season, Greenard’s presence is expected to bolster their defensive line significantly.

In his new role with the Vikings, Greenard is poised to make a substantial impact and contribute to the team’s overall defensive strategy. With his proven ability to disrupt opposing offenses and make key plays on the field, Greenard’s addition is sure to strengthen the Vikings’ defense moving forward.

The Vikings’ latest signing highlights their proactive approach to securing top talent during the offseason, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead. As fans eagerly anticipate seeing Greenard in action, his arrival adds a new dynamic to the team’s defensive lineup, promising an exciting season filled with standout performances and strategic plays.