Gregg Jarrett Writes Editorial on Fox News Calling Out Hillary Clinton

Gregg Jarrett Writes Editorial on Fox News Calling Out Hillary Clinton

( – President Donald Trump has been through the wringer over the last four years. The American people are learning it may all be because of Hillary Clinton. One Fox News anchor ripped into the former secretary of state in an October 7 op-ed.

Gregg Jarrett’s editorial called the “Russia hoax” one of America’s “dirtiest political tricks ever.” The Fox host is angry about recently declassified material that points to Clinton as the mastermind behind the plot against Trump. Notes from then-CIA Director John Brennan reveal he briefed President Obama on July 28, 2016, about an allegation that Hillary Clinton was going to link candidate Trump to Russia to distract from her email scandal.

There’s no reason to doubt the former CIA director’s notes. In fact, Brennan is very anti-Trump and Jarrett says Brennan “shares equal blame” because he “stoked the odious narrative” even though he knew it was “untrue.”

Now what? Are the people involved going to be held accountable for the millions of dollars wasted by law enforcement investigating accounts allegedly fabricated by Clinton? Or will they get away with it?

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