Grocery store cashier stabbed to death

FORT WAYNE, IN – A man with a previous criminal record is currently facing murder charges after allegedly stabbing a supermarket cashier to death. Jermard Lewis, 30, of Fort Wayne previously served time for battery before allegedly assaulting Perla Nieto, an employee at Waynedale’s Kroger store.

Police arrived at the store at approximately 10:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a man making threats to staff members. The suspect left the premises of the store, but then returned later on. At this point, he fatally stabbed the female employee and attempted to flee again. Authorities captured the suspect quickly, and police interviews indicate that the suspect stabbed the employee because he was unhappy with his initial visit at the store.

According to his criminal records, Lewis had previously been charged with felony battery to an officer and two counts of resisting law enforcement. Police allege that Lewis instigated violence within the confines of the Bud Meeks Justice Center, assaulting officers with a block of wood.

Following the assault, court evidence indicates that Lewis managed to escape the premises but was restrained by police while strolling down West Main Street. During the attempted pat-down by an officer, Lewis retaliated by landing a punch to the officer’s face before fleeing the scene.

Law enforcement officials managed to apprehend Lewis once more, forcing him to the ground at gunpoint following a stern order. Upon arrest, Lewis violently resisted, leading to a substantial struggle before officers could finally contain him.

For his violent crime, Lewis initially received a sentence of two years on probation. However, following the revocation of his probation, he was required to serve his term behind bars. Records from the Indiana Department of Correction reveal Lewis was released from prison in November 2020.