Group Biden Removed From Terror List Attacks US Embassy

( – In 2015, the United States shut down its embassy in Yemen after a Muslim Shiite group, the Houthis, overthrew the government, which led to civil war in the prior year. Then in February, just one month after President Joe Biden took office, he removed the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) label from the radical group. On November 10, the Iran-Backed militant rebels broke into the US compound in Yemen, taking a large amount of equipment and several hostages.

Most of the staff at the embassy relocated to a satellite office, leaving security guards to patrol the outside area. The staff is now held captive.

Several US lawmakers blame Biden for the siege, citing the militant group’s removal from the terrorist list. In addition to the move in February, the president also took away the American backing of the Yemeni government secured under former President Donald Trump.

The State Department announced the next day that the Houthis already released most of the hostages, except for some staff members who remained. Officials called for the forces to leave immediately and “return all seized property,” and requested help from US international partners.

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