“Gruesome” Man Arrested After Decapitating His Father For Spouting Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories On YouTube

MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania – A gruesome and disturbing incident shocked the community as a Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly killing his father and recording a video of himself displaying his decapitated head on YouTube. Justin Mohn, 32, was taken into custody about 100 miles away from the crime scene on suspicion of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possession of an instrument of crime with intent, according to a court docket released early Wednesday.

The YouTube video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call To Arms For American Patriots,” showed Mohn wearing gloves and holding his father’s head in a plastic bag, before later appearing in a cooking pot. In the video, he made disturbing remarks about his father, federal officials, and certain activist movements. The video was removed by YouTube for violating their policies prohibiting graphic violence and violent extremism.

Mohn had a history of legal disputes, including lawsuits against federal agencies and his former employer, as well as an active presence on social media where he promoted his music and books. The suspect’s mother, Denice Mohn, found her husband’s body and called the police, leading to the discovery of the gruesome scene at their family home.

Following the incident, Mohn was stopped by police about 100 miles away from the crime scene, driving his father’s car, and eluding authorities by entering a National Guard training facility. He was eventually taken into custody without incident, armed with a firearm. Police confirmed prior contacts with the suspect, indicating a pattern of troubled behavior.

The details of this disturbing incident continue to unfold, shedding light on the complexities and challenges surrounding mental health, violence, and legal interventions in such cases. The community remains in shock as the investigation progresses to uncover the motives and factors contributing to this tragic event.