Gunman Opens Fire At Hospital Leaving Two Victims Dead Including One Employee


A hospital employee was killed in a shooting at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Saturday morning. The suspect was then confronted by a Methodist Health System police officer, who shot the suspect, injuring him, and arresting him for Capital Murder.

Authorities have said Nestor Hernandez shot and killed a staff member and another victim, Selena Villatoro, at a Dallas hospital before being shot and injured by a hospital police officer. The victims were not publicly identified at first while the investigation over the shooting’s motive was pending.

The shooting was chaotic. Friends and family of employees at the hospital described a scene in which workers ran for cover and hidden from an active shooter. Denise Jones, a by-standing visitor, says her father called her from inside the hospital and told her to get back in her car and get as far away from the hospital as possible.

This isn’t the first criminal charge on the shooter’s record. Hernandez was charged with multiple crimes as a young man, including robbery and assault, but accepted a plea deal in 2015 for aggravated robbery and was given eight years in prison. Hernandez and his accomplice Selena Villatoro were both arrested on charges of aggravated robbery at the time.

During their 2015 crime, the pair of criminals struck a victim in the head and forced her into her apartment. They demanded property and money and scouring the apartment for valuables.

The suspects took the victim’s cellphone, car, $3,000 in cash from a school fundraiser and other documents, and were arrested later that day on unrelated charges of public intoxication and traffic ticket warrants.

Hernandez went to the hospital to visit his girlfriend, who had given birth to their child. He then began acting strangely, accused his girlfriend of cheating on him, pulled out a handgun and shot his girlfriend multiple times in the head, and then told his family they were both going to die.

This is where Nestor Hernandez killed two people in the Methodist Hospital.

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