Gunman Outside of Kamala Harris’ Residence Taken Into Custody

( – Every day, the Secret Service works to make sure a variety of current and former government officials are safe, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Recently they arrested a man near the VP’s house who had weapons in his car.

According to a US Army spokesman, a Texas man named Paul Murray was arrested on Wednesday, March 17, outside the vice president’s Washington, DC home. He was stopped after Texas police put out an intelligence bulletin about him. When the Secret Service apprehended him they found an AR-15 rifle, 113 rounds of ammunition and multiple 30 round magazines in his car. He’s been charged with multiple weapons charges.

It’s important to note that law enforcement officers work every day to keep the vice president safe even though she has not always been kind, to put it mildly, when she’s talked about the police. She’s accused officers of being racist on more than one occasion and even supported bail funds to get rioters out of jail. Still, the men and women in federal law enforcement continue to do their jobs and protect her with the utmost professionalism.

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