“Havana Syndrome” Confirmed Near White House

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Over the last few years, government officials have experienced nausea, hearing loss, and other symptoms that have been attributed to something known as “Havana Syndrome.” There’s a belief that the syndrome is the result of some kind of attack from foreign adversaries, but the exact cause is unknown. Recently, the government started investigating more incidents.

In April, there were two reports of officials, one who sits on the National Security Council, experiencing symptoms suspected to have been caused by Havana Syndrome attacks in late 2020. One of the incidents took place near the White House. Now, there’s been another report of an NSC official experiencing symptoms related to a brain injury while near the WH.

The Biden administration is reportedly taking the incidents very seriously and has launched an investigation. Since 2016, more than 130 US officials, diplomats and spies have fallen mysteriously ill. The New York Times reported three CIA officials experienced symptoms that were so severe they ended up at Walter Reed military hospital. Hopefully, the investigation gets to the bottom of the attacks, who is perpetrating them, and what they are before more people are hurt even worse.

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