Heavily Armed Russian Tanks Kill 2 Americans In Deadly Attack


Russian tank attack in eastern Ukraine kills 2 Americans, Canadian and Swede – POLITICO

The State Department said two Americans died in eastern Ukraine, where Russian forces have redoubled their efforts and intensified their attacks in an attempt to take land. Ukrainian forces have felt the effect of Russia’s onslaught, recording as many as 200 causalities per day.

A Russian tank opened fire on a foreign fighters’ unit near Siversk, killing two Americans, a Canadian and a Swedish citizen. The men were part of a special operations force within the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The foreign fighters were deployed to Hryhorivka, two miles northwest of Siversk, and cleared a ravine where Russian forces were working to cross a river. They were ambushed by Russian tanks and killed.

Russian forces bombarded the group with heavy artillery and drones for more than two hours, until Ukrainian machine gunners and troops on armored vehicles halted their advance.

The State Department confirmed the deaths of two Americans on Friday, but their identities remain anonymous and have not been announced.

The United States continues to provide security assistance to Ukraine to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russia’s aggression.

Multiple Americans have now died in Ukraine during the conflict, which has lasted for five months. One man was killed by Russian forces while fighting in April, and a second man from New York died while fighting last month.

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