History in the Crosshairs

History in the Crosshairs

(AbsoluteNews.com) – For two weeks, Americans have marched through the streets to protest the alleged murder of George Floyd by a now-fired police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The activists are demanding police reforms and most of them are doing so peacefully. However, what was a movement against police violence and systemic problems with the criminal justice system, has now turned into something else.

While there are still plenty of people who want to change the system, others are targeting the country’s history as well.

A Fight in Richmond

More than 100 years ago, a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was placed in Richmond, Virginia. The beautiful piece of art towers over the city’s Monument Avenue. Earlier this month, Governor Ralph Northam (D) said he was going to have it removed because erasing history is what people do now.

Resident William C. Gregory appealed to the courts and was granted a 10-day injunction against the removal. Gregory argued that Northam would violate an 1890 deed that transferred the land and the statue on it to Virginia and requires the state to “…faithfully guard and affectionately protect it.”

Removing it seems to be the opposite of affectionately protecting the statue.

State Flags Aren’t Safe

For years, some residents in Mississippi have tried to force the state to adopt a new flag. The current one includes the Confederate battle emblem. A group of bipartisan lawmakers in the state is trying to get enough votes to make it happen.

In 2001, Mississippians voted to keep the flag as-is by a margin of almost 2-to-1. However, public sentiment may have changed since then. In 2014, artist Laurin Stennis designed a flag to replace it:

Should the state change the flag? Will that make the situation better or is it just a “feel good” proposal that doesn’t solve anything? That’s the question lawmakers are going to have to answer.

Christopher Columbus Decapitated

It’s not just Confederate relics being attacked. In Boston, Massachusetts a statue of explorer Christopher Columbus was beheaded.

Time to Grow Up

Not every single part of American history is something we should celebrate, that’s not disputed. However, do we really need to destroy and remove historical monuments to right the wrongs? Can’t we all just see our statues and monuments as a part of history that we should all recognize?

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