Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 2 Delayed to Allow Fans More Time to Catch Chapter 1 – What’s Next?

In Los Angeles, California, fans of the “Horizon” franchise eagerly anticipated the release of “Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2.” However, plans for the film’s debut on August 16 have been put on hold. Following the performance of “Chapter 1” at the box office during the July 4th weekend, filmmakers have decided to delay the release.

The decision to postpone the sequel was influenced by the demographic of the movie’s audience, primarily aged 50 and older, who have been slower to return to cinemas. In an effort to allow this audience more time to discover the first film, “Chapter 1” will be available digitally on July 16 while still running in theaters.

Despite speculation about a potential direct release to streaming service Max, there are currently no concrete plans for the sequel. The possibility of a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release for “Chapter 2” is being considered, but no final decision has been made. The filmmakers are keen on allowing Costner’s dedicated audience from “Yellowstone” to first experience “Horizon Chapter 1” before moving on to the next installment.

The “Horizon” franchise reportedly comes with a hefty price tag exceeding $100 million. While the first film’s box office performance was mediocre, with $11 million in opening revenue and mixed critical and audience reception, Costner remains devoted to the project. Despite the financial risks involved, he is committed to seeing the series through.

In a statement released by Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema, it was announced that the release of “Horizon: Chapter 2” has been delayed to give audiences more time to engage with the first installment. The positive response to “Horizon” has fueled anticipation for the sequel, reflecting the audience’s enthusiasm for the saga to continue.

The decision to push back the release date of “Horizon: Chapter 2” aligns with the studios’ strategy to maximize audience engagement and build anticipation for the franchise. As moviegoers await the next chapter of the saga, other wide releases are scheduled for August 16, offering a diverse range of options for film enthusiasts.