Hospital Employee Arrested For Keeping Weapon Stockpile In NJ Hospital Closet


NJ hospital employee arrested after 39 guns, ammo found inside closet – USA TODAY

The marketing director of Hudson Regional Hospital was arrested Sunday and faces multiple charges, including unlawful possession of an assault firearm and two counts of possession of a high-capacity magazine.

The suspect in question is Reuven Alonalayoff, 46, and was arrested by the Secaucus Police Department when his connection to this weapon stockpile was discovered.  Alonalayoff now faces multiple charges.

Police were dispatched to the medical center in Secaucus, New Jersey, on the afternoon of July 18 in response to a reported bomb threat. Canines were sent to sniff out potential weaponry and bombs that could be threatening the people inside the hospital.

The K-9 unit found made a peculiar discovery while looking for the source of this threat. They found a cache of weapons inside an unlocked closet within an office, which was deemed an obvious public safety hazard.

After a three week investigation, police say they found dozens of weapons and ammunition in an unlocked closet in an office at Hudson Regional Hospital.

Secaucus police officers arrested Alonalayoff at Newark Liberty International Airport over the weekend. The hospital’s marketing director was charged with possession of weapons and ammunition.

There is still an ongoing investigation to uncover Alonalayoff’s motives and behaviors following the discovery of this closet armory.

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