Hospitals Crippled As Thousands of Nurses Go on Strike

( – Medical workers across the world have been faced with unprecedented circumstances as they’ve saved (and lost) patients throughout the pandemic. They’ve worked long hours in understaffed hospitals under an unbelievable amount of stress. Nurses in Australia who have had enough are taking action.

On February 15, thousands of nurses in Sydney went on strike, despite an order from the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) to call it off. The New South Wales (NSW) health ministry released a statement prior to the strike saying it “would cause disruptions and delays” to services in the country’s most populous city. The health care workers weren’t deterred. More than a week later, the nurses are still pushing back and demanding changes.

The nurses are pushing for a raise larger than 2.5% the government previously approved and a mandate for a ratio of one nurse to every four patients during each shift.

The strike includes nurses from more than 150 hospitals in NSW, leaving them short-staffed. Over 8.2 million residents live in the state where the demonstrations are taking place. Originally, they were only planning to protest for 24 hours, but they’ve now moved into their second week.

Until the government comes to the negotiating table and does its best to work with the nurses, the protests will continue.

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