House Fire Kills 4 Children, Only Father And Daughter Escape


Firefighters were called to a fire in an older home in a neighborhood in Mason City, Iowa, at 5 a.m.

Crews responded to a house fire in near the city’s area on Wednesday morning and found four children inside the home. They were transported to a hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The building was absolutely charred, and two people in the house were able to make it out alive before fire crews could arrive. The pair escaped the home with burn-related injuries, and two firefighters sustained minor injuries.

A pair of firefighters sustained minor injuries at the scene, and were transported to a hospital with the assistance of police department personnel.

This fire took place in a family home, where only a portion of the family survived. Those that escaped the flames included the father and daughter of the household.

The fire killed four students at Mason City schools. The victims that died in the fire included Phenix Mcluer, 3, Drako Mcluer, 6, Odin Thor Mcluer, 10, and John Michael Mcluer, 12. 

Amy Graven works as an administrative assistant for the school district that these children attended before the fatal fire. Graven recalled how John Michael walked into school each day with a smile on his face, and how he loved being at school.

She described how impactful and heart-wrenching of a tragedy the death of these students is to their community.

A nearby neighbor expressed shock over the incident, saying that he was praying for the dad and the daughter that made it out alive. He shared, “Words can’t describe how bad it is.”

Another neighbor said his kids take the same bus to school as these four children that passed away in this house.

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