House Passes $1.5-Trillion Package Including Aid for Ukraine

House Passes $1.5-Trillion Package Including Aid for Ukraine

( – The government has been running on a series of short-term spending bills for months. On Wednesday, March 9, the House spent the day negotiating a large omnibus bill. Late in the night, the House of Representatives finally passed the legislation.

Lawmakers passed a $1.5-trillion government funding bill, which sets new levels for spending across all areas of the government. It’s the first time lawmakers have passed new funding limits since President Joe Biden took office in 2021. The legislation includes $13.6 billion to help Ukraine fight the Russian invasion.

Democrats agreed to remove a measure that included $15.6 billion in new coronavirus aid and turned it into a separate bill. Lawmakers are expected to take it up next week, but it’s unclear if there’s enough support in the Senate to get it past a filibuster.

Lawmakers also passed a stopgap measure to keep the government running through March 15. The bill will give the Senate enough time to consider the omnibus measure. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said he wants to force a vote on an amendment that would end vaccine mandates.

Senators are expected to introduce a number of amendments to the legislation before bringing it to the floor for a vote.

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