‘How About Me?’ Dumb Criminal Arrested After Commenting On Police’s ‘Most Wanted’ Post

Social media is notorious for being a place where people vent about things that seem way too personal. For investigators, social media is often an extremely useful tool in piecing together their case. Sometimes people even post their illegal activities for all the world to see- only to be caught later on.

Not every criminal is an expert at getting away with their actions. In this case, a fugitive revealed his status to the police via social media.

Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office made a post on Facebook that listed the most wanted criminals in the area. They shared this post in order to bring awareness to the public and urge them to contact the police in the case of any sightings.

One man came across this post on Facebook named Christopher Spaulding. Made a brief comment, asking why he wasn’t on the most wanted list. However, the response that he got was more shocking than he might have anticipated.

The man that commented this was a fugitive of the law. The Rockdale County Sherriff’s Office informed him that he was correct- there were in fact two warrants out for his arrest as well as the other people listed. Spaulding’s warrants were related to two probation violations that he had on his record.

The sheriff’s Facebook page also shared in their responding comment that police were on their way to secure his arrest.

Other Facebook users were entertained by the exchange, some even wondering if someone would really be so absent-minded as to reveal their fugitive status on social media.

Spaulding was apprehended by Rockland County police on Thursday. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page made another post sharing a screenshot of the exchange. In the caption, they wrote, “We appreciate you for your assistance¬†in your capture!”