Human Trafficking Makes Millions Per Day Amid Border Crisis

( – The border crisis seems to be getting worse as time goes on. President Joe Biden’s administration is desperately trying to get its messaging under control. As they grapple with how to respond, human traffickers are making millions of dollars.

On March 22, the NY Post reported human traffickers are making up to $14 million a day as migrants try to get to America. That’s almost triple what the dangerous criminal industry was making in 2019, when it was raking in $5 million a day. Ironically, the report comes one day after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the “border is closed” and secure.

If the alleged human trafficking numbers aren’t enough to convince the American people that the border is not secure or closed, Pete Saenz (D), the mayor of Laredo, Texas told Fox News that the Biden administration’s words are “meaningless” unless they start turning people away at the border.

The reality is, Biden’s soft stance on illegal immigration policies caused this problem. It’s the reason traffickers are making $14 million a day and why Saenz’s city is overwhelmed. Unless the president gets serious about the border and admits there’s a crisis, this problem will likely persist.

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