Hundreds Stranded in Blizzard After Massive Wreck

Hundreds Stranded in Blizzard After Massive Wreck

( – On Monday, January 3, a snowstorm hit the DC metro area. While children enjoyed a snow day, motorists on a major interstate were dealing with a nightmare.

As snow fell from the sky and the roads became covered in ice, vehicles lost control on I-95. By Tuesday morning, at least six tractor-trailers and an unknown number of cars were involved in car accidents. Traffic in both the north and south-bound lanes came to a standstill, trapping motorists for more than 24 hours. Many of them didn’t have food or water.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine (VA), who lives two hours from DC, was in one of the vehicles trapped on the interstate. Tuesday afternoon, he said he’d been stuck for 27 hours before finally making it back to the Capitol.

Governor Ralph Northam (D) said emergency crews with the Virginia State Police, the state Department of Transportation, and VA Department of Emergency Management were working to clear the cars and help motorists.

The situation in Virginia demonstrates the importance of preparing for disaster. Just like people in the South prepare for hurricanes each year, northern US residents should prepare for snowstorms. Drivers should ensure they have food and water in their vehicles, an extra battery-operated phone charger, warm blankets and medications.

Remember: hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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