Hunter Biden Bank Transactions Flagged, Report Shows

Hunter Biden Bank Transactions Flagged, Report Shows

( – Republicans have been concerned about Hunter Biden’s business dealings for years. Since President Joe Biden took office, lawmakers believe getting to the bottom of those concerns is more important than ever. A recent report revealed new information about President Joe Biden’s son and another relative.

According to a CBS News report, it wasn’t just Hunter who has made questionable business deals; James Biden, the president’s brother, was also involved with some of them. The network learned US banks flagged more than 150 transactions belonging to James or Hunter for further review. The outcomes of the reviews weren’t shared with CBS, but they reportedly involved activities related to large wire transfers.

Senate Republicans also released information about the pair’s involvement with Chinese individuals. For example, bank records showed the Lion Hall Group, James’ company, received money from a consulting group financed by the Chinese in 2018, before Joe Biden announced his run for the White House.

Meanwhile, a Washington Post article confirmed Hunter and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese executive, were involved in multiple deals where millions of dollars were exchanged. Entities controlled by Hunter and James received $4.8 million over the course of 14 months beginning in August 2017, just months after Joe and former President Barack Obama departed the White House.

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