Hurricane Forces Strange Rescue Operations

Hurricane Forces Strange Rescue Operations

( – Hurricane Ida ravaged the South and Northeast. The Category 4 storm slammed into Louisiana and Mississippi on August 29, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It left destruction in its path and led to one very strange rescue.

The storm plowed into St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana, causing massive flooding that washed away homes. The floodwaters also floated a cow up into a tree.

Yes, you read that right — there was a bovine in a tree.

Parish employees Roy Ragan Sr, Tyler Acosta, David Palmer and Road Yard Chief of Operations Louis Pomes stood in waist-deep water while using chainsaws to cut the branches away from the animal. According to reports, they were able to save the cow.

The rescue was one of the better stories in the wake of the storm; not all of them were quite so happy. Ida is tied for the fifth most powerful hurricane ever to make landfall in the US. It reportedly caused more than $50 billion in damage and left 89 people dead. Many of the people who lost their lives lived in New York and New Jersey.

So, after weeks of sad news, it’s nice to see a video of good people doing a good deed during a horrible time.

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