Ilhan Omar Under Fire After Bigoted Attack Against Jews

( – In June, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) angered Democrats and Republicans alike when she compared the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. She claimed that like the terrorist organizations, the allied nations carried out human rights crimes.

Shortly after Omar’s tweet, a group of Jewish Democrats rebuked her. They demanded she explain what she meant. Instead of taking their concerns seriously, she attacked the Liberals. Then, in a recent interview, she doubled down on her remarks and is now again being accused of antisemitism.

Controversial Interview

On Tuesday, June 29, Omar spoke to CNN about her tweet from earlier in the month. Host Jake Tapper ran through a list of antisemitic remarks she has made in the past, including comments about Jews and money. He then asked her if she understands why some of her colleagues believe she is antisemitic. The congresswoman doubled down, saying she does not regret what she said. Then, she made, what some believe, are even more antisemitic remarks.

Omar said the Jewish members of Congress “haven’t been partners in justice.” She claimed they haven’t been trying to seek “justice around the world” and haven’t experienced injustice in ways that she has.

Omar Faces Backlash

American Jewish Committee Managing Director of Public Affairs Avi Mayer slammed the congresswoman for her remarks. He said that she was defending herself against allegations that she’s antisemitic “by bringing new antisemitic tropes into the convo.” He also said that Jewish lawmakers have been fighting for human rights in both the US and across the globe.

Cofounder of the Muslim Reform Movement, Asra Nomani, had even harsher words. She said that Omar is an example of a “modern-day Muslim Supremacist,” calling her a “wound collector in the Oppression Olympics.”

Journalist Annika Rothstein was mind blown by the congresswoman’s comments. She said that Omar showed the country her true colors. The Republican Jewish Coalition demanded to know if Democrats were going to call her out for her remarkably ignorant remarks. But, those Dem lawmakers backed her up instead of calling her on the carpet.

For the most part, Democrats have remained silent over the years when Omar says something antisemitic. There have been times when a small group speaks up, but she’s never disciplined. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) opted to not take any action against her again this time.

This lack of condemnation from her party has allowed her to occupy a safe space in the party and continue to make similar remarks. No doubt she will continue to do that as long as Pelosi lets her get away with it.

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