Ilhan Omar’s Agenda to Replace Police Falls Apart

Ilhan Omar's Agenda To Replace Police Falls Apart

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is one of Congress’s most vocal anti-police members. She has repeatedly called for law enforcement departments to receive less funding. The congresswoman also championed an effort to destroy the Minneapolis Police Department, but the city’s residents stepped up and said no.

On November 2, residents voted on a ballot initiative seeking to replace the police agency with the Department of Public Safety. Earlier in the day, Omar tweeted she’d voted for the measure. She claimed it gave the people power over the police.

However, voters weren’t buying it, and they resoundingly defeated the measure, with 56% rejecting the initiative. The failure was a blow to anti-police Democrats.

Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey, who vehemently opposed the move by Progressives, was reelected. He said the city clearly agreed the plan was unworkable. Resident Askari Lyons, 61, voted against the measure too. He told the Associated Press it was “unwise” to replace the department when people are “so frustrated, so angry, so disappointed” with the rise in violence across Minneapolis.

The people have spoken. They aren’t interested in the Left’s police-busting efforts. If the party drags the misguided policy into 2022, it could cost them big time.

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