In-Flight Entertainment Revolutionized: Hainan Airlines Offers Free Rokid AR Glasses to Passengers on Select Routes in China – Read More Here!

Beijing, China – Hainan Airlines has recently introduced a new form of in-flight entertainment on select routes by offering passengers the use of Rokid’s augmented reality glasses. This move marks the first time AR glasses have been implemented at scale on flights, allowing passengers to enjoy 3D movies, e-books, and simple games via the glasses instead of traditional built-in monitors.

Rokid, a Chinese tech startup, announced the partnership as a way to boost consumer awareness of AR glasses. The company’s founder and CEO, Misa Zhu, revealed that they are in talks with several airlines, including a major international operator, for similar partnerships.

Hainan Airlines, a major flight operator in China with international routes, released a short video promoting their collaboration with Rokid. The airline has purchased hundreds of Rokid AR glasses for passengers to use free of charge on over 20 flights. Each pair of glasses retails for just over 3,000 yuan ($420) and weighs 75 grams, significantly lighter than Apple’s Vision Pro, which costs about $3,500 and weighs 600-650 grams.

The initial trial period for the AR glasses is set for a month, coinciding with the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday in China, during which hundreds of millions of locals travel domestically. Rokid’s CEO also mentioned the company’s plans to incorporate AR glasses into other means of transit, such as high-speed trains, demonstrating the potential for this technology beyond just in-flight entertainment.

The introduction of AR glasses as a form of in-flight entertainment not only enhances the overall flying experience for passengers but also reflects the growing trend of integrating advanced technology into various industries. As the use of AR glasses continues to expand, it will be interesting to see how other airlines and transportation companies around the world follow suit and adopt similar initiatives.