Independent Presidential Candidate Kanye West Shares Mock Election Results

Independent Presidential Candidate Kanye West Shares Mock Election Results

( – Kanye West is still running for president of the United States. That wasn’t a dream. Although the rapper is having a rough go of it, he doesn’t look like he’s backing down.

On Monday, October 12, West released his first campaign video. But just one day later, he felt the wrath of Twitter when he shared an alleged update about his campaign’s progress in Kentucky.

Kanye’s Fake News

On Tuesday, West tweeted a screenshot of NBC affiliate’s LEX 18 News that showed him beating both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the state.

The rapper later tweeted a video of him excitedly dancing. The problem? It was fake news. The photo West tweeted was of a mock election, not the real one.

LEX 18 News explained someone found the cached image using an old link from a test that the Associated Press was doing before the June primary election to test the live feed for the real results. It was all part of a trial.

Twitter also responded to the tweet by labeling it “manipulated media.”

Does Kanye Stand a Chance?

Anything is possible in the US. Theoretically, millions of people could decide they want a Kardashian filled White House and write Kanye in on ballots across the country. The likelihood of that happening is…not great.

What’s more likely is that the rapper appeals to young voters and black voters, peeling support away from Democrat Joe Biden. Experts predict the election will be very close, so it’s possible he could throw a wrench into the Left’s plans.

President Donald Trump has strong support among his base, making it almost impossible for the rapper to hurt his re-election chances. The POTUS only needed more college-educated whites to shore up his win; those people are a lot less likely to vote for West. Kanye’s campaign is probably not something the Trump Campaign is worried about. Of course, this is all guesswork because nobody knows what the American people will do next month.

Unfortunately for West, this entire run looks like it might have been a waste of time and money, but we won’t know for sure until the votes are tallied on November 3.

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