Indictments Handed Down in Massive Immigration Raid

Indictments Handed Down in Massive Immigration Raid

( – In August 2019, ICE raided seven agricultural processing plants in Mississippi. Authorities arrested more than 600 illegals, making it one of the largest state worksite enforcements in US history. Now, a year later, federal officials have indicted multiple poultry executives.

On August 6, Acting ICE Director Matt Albence and US Attorney Mike Hurst announced four executives from two processing plants were indicted on federal charges related to the raids. Those charged included supervisors, human resources personnel, and managers according to an ICE press release.

Albence explained the US will continue to take action against companies who hire illegals “intentionally or knowingly” and “deprive law-abiding citizens and lawful immigrants of employment opportunities.” At a time like this, when the country is reeling from the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, this becomes even more important.

Businesses have long been given a break when it comes to immigration laws. Many of them make our problems with illegal migration worse with their shady hiring practices. They essentially invite people to break the law and enter the US without documentation because they know they’ll be rewarded with jobs.

Historically, executives haven’t faced many consequences for these actions, but it looks like President Trump plans to turn that around. Holding these people accountable will help get the larger illegal immigration problem under control.

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