Man Paralyzed From Waist Down Due to Police Malfeasance

Black Man Paralyzed While Detained By Police Randy Cox was injured while in the custody of police and is now paralyzed from the chest down. On June 19, New Haven police officers arrested Cox for unlawfully possessing a firearm. While transporting Cox in a van without seatbelts, Cox went head-first into the back wall of […]

20-Year-Old Mother Of Two Shot In The Head While Pushing Stroller In New York City

Azsia Johnson
Baby’s dad sought for questioning after young mom fatally shot in head pushing stroller on Upper East Side: ‘Domestic violence is real’ – New York Times Azsia Johnson a young mother of two was shot at close range while walking her baby in a stroller to meet with the child’s father. In New York City’s […]

Negligent Homicide-Suicide. Toddler Dies; Father Takes His Own Life

Father Commits Suicide After He Allegedly Left Son In Hot Car On Tuesday, the temperature in Midlothian, Virginia, was around 81 degrees Fahrenheit.  Chesterfield County police received a call about an 18-month-old boy left in an unattended vehicle and found the child’s body in that vehicle and the father dead outside his home. Children can […]

R. Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Racketeering And Sex Trafficking Charges

R Kelly 30 Years For Child Sex Trafficking
R. Kelly Guilty Of Luring Children Survivors of Kelly’s abuse held hands and prayed as US District Court Judge Ann Donnelly began reading his sentence. A jury convicted R&B singer Kelly of nine counts, including racketeering and sex trafficking. The trial included testimony from witnesses who said Kelly sexually and physically abused them, and from […]

Walmart Under Government Fire For Victimizing Americans

Federal Trade Commission Says Walmart Complicit in Wire Fraud Scam The FTC says Walmart knew for many years that it used its locations to get money for grandparent, romance, and other scams. However, they were negligent in failing to adequately warn customers or train their employees to prevent fraud. The FTC is asking the court […]

‘Separation’ Can Not Be Hostile Interference

Supreme Court - Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash
U.S. Supreme Court takes aim at separation of church and state – Reuters The conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against government officials whose policies and actions were taken to avoid violating the First Amendment prohibition on governmental endorsement of religion. The court’s conservative justices have taken a broad view of religious rights, and the […]

Twenty-Two Teens Gassed To Death At Nightclub In South Africa

Club Goers In South Africa Die
South Africa deaths: Authorities seek answers after 22 teens mysteriously found dead at Enyobeni Tavern in East London – KABC-TV A patron who was present as 22 young people mysteriously died at a local nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning has shed more light on what happened at the scene. A 17-year-old girl […]

Russians Hit Busy Shopping Mall With Air Strike

Russians Hit Busy Shopping Mall
At least 13 killed in Russian missile strike on shopping mall, Ukraine says – Reuters The regional governor said two Russian missiles slammed into a crowded shopping center in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on Monday, killing at least 13 people and wounding 50. Dmytro Lunin, governor of the central Poltava region, said 13 […]

Wild Drone Video Shows The Stands At A Bullfighting Arena Collapse

Colombia Bull Fight
Colombia bullfight stands collapse, causing deaths and injuries – The Washington Post The President of Colombia posted this video with these comments: “I hope that all the people affected by the collapse of the Plaza de El Espinal can come out of their wounds unscathed. This had already happened before in Sincelejo. I ask the […]

This Satellite Is The First Piece Of A Permanent Base On The Moon

Cubesat Launch To Moon
NASA to Launch Capstone, a 55-Pound CubeSat to the Moon – The New York Times NASA is launching a spacecraft named CAPSTONE to the moon as part of its 21st-century moon program. It won’t have any astronauts aboard, and it won’t even land on the moon, but it could serve as a template for future […]

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