Inmate Has Affair With Guard Before Jailbreak- Was It All Part Of The Escape Plan?

Alabama inmate and guard had sexually explicit phone calls in months before prison escape, sheriff says – CNN

Investigators are listening to tapes of 949 phone calls made between capital murder suspect Casey White and his girlfriend, former Lauderdale County jailer Vicky White, to see if there’s any information there that might help them.

The sheriff said he didn’t know if some of the calls took place while Vicky White was on duty at the Lauderdale County Jail.

Singleton said investigators have not heard any conversations planning the escape, but that the man was here in 2020 and planned an escape in 2021.

Investigators believe the pair spent six days at a motel in Evansville after arriving on May 3, and used a variety of wigs to disguise themselves. They were caught after a surveillance camera recorded a man closely resembling Casey White getting out of a pickup truck.

The escaped prisoner was arrested after a car he was driving was run off the road. He was carrying $29,000 in cash, four handguns, and an AR-15 rifle.

The couple escaped from a jail in Alabama and were pursued by law enforcement until they crashed in Indiana. Vicky White died by suicide when law enforcement was closing in on them. Casey White was captured and is now being held in custody awaiting trial for the murder of Vicky White.

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