Instagram Debut: Halle Bailey and DDG’s Adorable Baby Halo Makes Waves in Italy!

ROME, ITALY – Halle Bailey and DDG recently introduced their son, Halo, to the world through a series of Instagram posts while on a family vacation in Europe. The “Little Mermaid” star shared heartwarming photos of the trio posing on a dock during their visit to Italy.

In the pictures, Halo looked adorable in a white long-sleeved onesie, while Bailey stunned in a beige strapless fishnet dress paired with a diamond necklace. DDG sported a stylish white bedazzled dress shirt with black slacks as the couple took turns holding their bundle of joy.

The proud parents took to Instagram to share multiple snaps of their son, asking fans to weigh in on whether Halo resembled DDG or Bailey more. The reactions from fans were overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing excitement over finally seeing photos of the couple’s son after about seven months of his birth.

Bailey and DDG welcomed Halo into the world in December 2023, but chose to keep the pregnancy a secret until his birth. Bailey explained on Snapchat that she wanted to have a private and healthy journey through her pregnancy, hence the decision to keep it under wraps.

Following Halo’s birth, Bailey opened up about her struggles with severe postpartum depression in a heartfelt social media video. She described the experience as navigating through waves of overwhelming emotions while trying to stay afloat for air. Despite the challenges, Bailey expressed her love for her son, emphasizing that her struggles had nothing to do with him.

As Bailey continues to share her journey of motherhood, she revealed that Halo was conceived during a trip with DDG, resulting in a “permanent souvenir” upon their return. The family’s Instagram debut in Europe marks a special milestone in their lives, showcasing the love and joy shared by the trio as they create new memories together.