Instagram-hat Kate Beckinsale spills shocking hospitalization details in fiery clapback!

Beverly Hills, California – Actress Kate Beckinsale recently opened up about her hospitalization earlier this year, shedding light on the events leading up to her health scare. Beckinsale took to her verified Instagram account to respond to both critics and supporters, revealing personal struggles following the recent passing of her stepfather and her mother’s diagnosis with stage 4 cancer.

In a candid exchange with an Instagram user who made disparaging remarks about her appearance in a video, Beckinsale shared that she underwent significant stress and weight loss due to grief. This led to a six-week hospital stay after the intense emotions caused her to develop a serious health condition involving her oesophagus, resulting in severe internal bleeding.

Furthermore, the actor disclosed that her hospitalization was also influenced by the emotional toll of working on a movie that triggered challenging memories. Beckinsale previously shared images of herself in a hospital bed on Instagram in March, providing insight into her health struggles.

The passing of her stepfather, Roy Battersby, earlier this year added to Beckinsale’s emotional burden. Having lost her biological father at a young age, the actress found it especially difficult to navigate Father’s Day in light of Battersby’s absence. Despite these challenges, Beckinsale expressed gratitude for the kinder inquiries about her well-being, affirming that her health has since improved.

Reflecting on the difficult experiences she has faced, Beckinsale’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of mental and emotional well-being amid personal struggles. Through her candid revelations, the actress highlights the resilience needed to overcome adversity and the significance of seeking support during challenging times.