Intoxicated Mom Charged With Murder After Her Teen Daughter Was Hit By A Truck

Tenby Claire Turner, 50, took her daughter Sterling to Barton Creek Square mall on November 23rd, 2021. After claiming only to have had two drinks during the night, the mother woke up at 2 a.m. with 19 missed calls from her daughter.

Turner allegedly “blacked out” and called 911 hours later after she woke up in her car outside a dental office, about 10 miles away from the mall that the mother-daughter duo visited that night.

She told the dispatcher that she had too much to drink, and that she couldn’t find her daughter after leaving the mall. The woman said that she went home, hoping her teen daughter was waiting there.

However, Turner left her teen girl at the mall stranded without a ride. The daughter was left to figure out how to get home all by herself.

Earlier in the night, a teen was walking around by herself and got involved in a fatal accident. The young girl was hit by a truck and died after being taken to a hospital. Police were able to identify her as Turner’s missing daughter.

Tenby Claire Turner received charges of second-degree felony abandoning and endangering a child. However, she also received more severe charges after a grand jury reviewed her case.

The mother was also charged with second-degree felony murder against her teen daughter. In Texas, you can still be charged with murder if you were with the person who killed the victim and didn’t take steps to stop their death.

Sterling Turner, the teen daughter, had autism and a lower-than-average academic performance. This realization led to questions about whether she could navigate getting herself home alone at night without a coherent adult helping her.

Turner’s attorney Sam Bassett said Tuesday that the accident was a tragic accident and that Turner would plead not guilty.