Intruder Shot In The Face After Breaking Into A Police Department

Shots fired at Homan Square Chicago police facility – Chicago Tribune

A man shot by CPD after allegedly breaking into West Side police facility. The man was shot in the face after breaking into SWAT team training exercise and taking guns. The suspect was shot in the face by a SWAT team member after grabbing two rubber pellet guns from a table.

The 47-year-old man was shot by police after entering a Chicago police facility through a fire escape, the chief said. The suspect went to the building’s public entrance and used various objects to pull down a ladder to the fire escape, Brown said.

CPD Supt. Brown identifies person shot by officer in Homan Square as Waukegan man.

The Waukegan man was shot by police after using a fire escape to gain entry to a Chicago police facility in Homan Square. The man grabbed at least two guns that were on a table during a SWAT training exercise and pointed them at officers.

The man grabbed two guns from SWAT training and pointed them at officers. One officer suffered a twisted ankle in the chaos, but no one else was injured.

The Chicago man is in critical condition after being shot in the face after infiltrating a SWAT team training exercise. The guns had been switched out for rubber pellets.

This police department doesn’t have a clean history either. The Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square facility has been compared to a CIA “black site” and has faced a series of lawsuits over alleged abuse.

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