Investigation: Canton Police Officer Placed on Leave Amidst Shocking Revelations During Karen Read Murder Trial

CANTON, Mass. – A Canton police officer, Kevin Albert, has been placed on paid administrative leave after revelations of his communication with lead Massachusetts State Police investigator Michael Proctor during the investigation preceding the Karen Read murder trial. The Canton Police Chief, Helena Raffery, confirmed that Detective Albert was put on administrative leave on June 13 pending an investigation related to Trooper Proctor’s testimony in the Read trial. This decision was made shortly after Proctor testified in the trial, which ultimately ended in a mistrial on July 1.

During the trial, Proctor admitted to being close friends with Albert and disclosed that they socialized together, even working on a cold case and coordinating aspects of the O’Keefe case, despite the Canton Police Department’s recusal from the investigation due to the Albert brothers’ connection to the case. The case involved Read, who was accused of striking her Boston police officer boyfriend John O’Keefe with her SUV and leaving him for dead in a snowstorm in January 2022. Kevin Albert is the brother of Brian Albert, a Boston police officer who hosted the party where O’Keefe’s body was discovered on the front yard.

The defense attorney, Alan Jackson, questioned Proctor about the familiarity between Albert and the investigation, emphasizing the need for complete removal from any contact with the investigation or investigators. Read, a former adjunct professor at Bentley College, faced charges of second-degree murder in O’Keefe’s death, who was a long-time member of the Boston police force found outside Brian Albert’s Canton home. Despite a mistrial being declared, the case involved significant controversy, particularly surrounding Proctor’s handling of the investigation.

A critical moment in the trial occurred when Proctor was forced to acknowledge and apologize for sending offensive texts about Read to acquaintances during the investigation. Subsequently, Proctor was suspended without pay for his actions, which included expressing derogatory remarks about Read. An internal affairs investigation into Proctor is ongoing, shedding light on potential misconduct within the law enforcement involved in the high-profile case. The developments surrounding the individuals tied to the investigation have raised concerns about the handling of the case and the integrity of the investigation process.