Investigation reveals “Dutch roll” scare on Southwest Boeing 737 Max 8 – What caused the terrifying mid-air incident?

Baltimore, Maryland – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into a recent incident involving a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that experienced a dangerous side-to-side rocking motion known as a “Dutch roll” while in flight. This unsettling movement prompted concerns about the safety of Boeing planes, as the FAA also investigates another issue related to potentially falsified documents certifying titanium used in aircraft production.

The FAA’s involvement comes at a time when Boeing’s safety practices are facing intense scrutiny, with the agency probing the scope of the problem surrounding the use of counterfeit records in aircraft manufacturing. Boeing, in response to the inquiries, stated that the issues are being addressed and that they are cooperating with the investigations.

The New York Times reported that a supplier to Spirit Aerosystems, a manufacturer of components for Boeing and Airbus planes, raised concerns about counterfeit documents used in the production of parts. Spirit confirmed that over 1,000 tests had been conducted on suspect parts, which were subsequently removed from production to maintain safety standards.

The “Dutch roll” incident occurred on a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Oakland, California, where the aircraft experienced substantial damage. While the plane was able to regain control and no injuries were reported on board, a post-flight inspection revealed significant damage to a crucial unit providing backup power to the rudder.

Safety experts have expressed concerns about the quality of recent Boeing planes, particularly after an incident earlier this year where a panel broke off a plane mid-flight, leading to increased oversight and lawsuits. Boeing has taken steps to address these issues, including presenting the FAA with an action plan to ensure the safety and integrity of their aircraft.

Experts in the aviation industry emphasize the importance of addressing these safety concerns promptly to prevent further incidents and maintain public confidence in Boeing’s aircraft. The investigation into the “Dutch roll” incident and the falsified documents highlights the importance of stringent safety protocols and thorough inspections in the manufacturing process to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.