Iran’s New President Won’t Meet with Biden Over Nuclear Talks

Iran's New President Won't Meet with Biden Over Nuclear Talks

( – President Joe Biden has repeatedly said that he would like to reenter the nuclear agreement with Iran. Officials within his administration have been trying to convince the hostile nation to get on board with his plan for months. But it looks like those talks might be dead now that the country has a new president.

On June 18, Iranians went to the polls and overwhelmingly elected hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi their next president. Their newly elected leader has a long, violent history and is already sanctioned by both the US and the European Union for taking part in the 1988 massacre of thousands of people.

Just days after the election, on June 21, Raisi said that he is not going to negotiate with the US over the country’s nuclear program or meet with President Biden. He said Iran will continue to fund the violent regional militias who often engage in acts of violence. The president-elect also wants the US to “lift all oppressive sanctions” against the country.

The new president is trying to put Iran in the driver’s seat and force the Biden administration to bend to his will. American conservatives have already criticized the US president for not being tough enough on Iran. Now the Biden admin is at a crossroads, do they lie down and allow the Iranian government to continue its violence or finally get tough.

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