Is This The End For Putin?

Putin Has a Military Rebellion Problem On His Hands, Reports Say  – Newsweek

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be seeing serious dissension in his military’s ranks, as reports of officer insubordination and low troop morale in Ukraine are any indication. The reports follow numerous reports of low morale on the Russian side.

The Pentagon denied providing intelligence to Ukraine that helped it find and kill Russian military officers.

Defense Intelligence Agency Director Scott Berrier said that an estimated eight to 10 Russian generals have been killed since Russia’s attacks began in late February.

Lawrence Reardon told Newsweek that Russian soldiers are facing a different form of warfare, where they worry about unseen drones launching missiles and dropping grenades on Russian armor and generals.

Reardon said that Russian soldiers in Ukraine are mostly conscripts from the Russian heartland and have old or defective equipment. They also lack technological expertise to counter the sophisticated Western arms going to Ukraine.

Northwestern University political science professor William Reno said statements about Russia’s low morale and officer dissent are being made in part as a strategic move. He also said that while Russia’s military consistently underperforms, such statements play to concerns among some Russians.

Elsewhere in the war

A Russian sergeant is being tried for war crimes in Ukraine, as the U.S. and Russia hold their first direct communication in nearly three months. Moscow is aiming a punishing new barrage at areas in the country’s north, east and south.

Ukraine launched the first war crime proceeding against a Russian soldier in the nearly 3-month-old invasion. The soldier could face life in prison for shooting an unarmed civilian in a northeastern Ukrainian village.

The Pentagon said the top defense officials in the U.S. and Russia spoke by phone for about an hour on Friday. The officials called for an immediate cease-fire.

Russia is under pressure to make battlefield gains in eastern Ukraine, even if that means taking risks that can backfire, a British military intelligence assessment said Friday. The assessment cited widely viewed video of Russian armored vehicles destroyed during an attempted river crossing.

Western analysis of the Russian river crossing said it was a highly risky maneuver, and that Russia lost at least one battalion tactical group.

The Ukrainian president declared that Russia’s strategic defeat was obvious to everyone in a video address, and that Russia would take military measures to prevent Finland from joining NATO.

Western nations continue to search for ways to dissuade Putin from continuing with the war in Ukraine. Liz Truss urged the allies to keep economic sanctions in place until Russian troops leave.

The European Union’s top diplomat said an embargo of Russian oil could be considered, despite reservations in Europe.

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