Issue: AT&T Customers Nationwide Face Calling Problem, FCC Investigating Discover the latest issue affecting AT&T users nationwide – FCC on the case

New York, NY – AT&T customers across the nation are currently facing a widespread issue that is impacting their ability to make calls to non-AT&T users. The telecommunications company has acknowledged the problem and stated that they are working diligently to identify and resolve the issue.

In a statement released by AT&T, they admitted to mistakenly sending out a “wireless impact notification” to 9-1-1 call centers during the outage. However, they assured the public that nationwide 9-1-1 services are operating normally and that their customers are not affected by this particular issue.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has acknowledged the reports of consumers in multiple states experiencing difficulties making wireless calls and has launched an investigation into the matter, as stated in a post on X.

While Verizon has reported that its network is running smoothly, some of its users in the Northeast and Midwest regions are encountering issues when trying to communicate with customers using other carriers.

This incident marks the second time in three months that AT&T has suffered from an outage. In late February, a similar outage occurred across the country following a software update, temporarily affecting 911 services in various states. The FCC has initiated an investigation into that previous incident.

Overall, AT&T and other telecommunication carriers are actively working to address the current issue and ensure uninterrupted service for their customers. Further updates and developments on the situation are expected as the investigation progresses.