Jealous Woman Murders Her Younger Sister And 18-Month-Old Niece Because Of Rivalry


A new mother and her 3-week-old daughter were shot dead while they slept in their bedroom on September 24. The crime scene was dramatic for all officers, detectives, EMS personnel, and crime scene technicians who responded to the scene.

Around 7:20 a.m., investigators found Yanelly Solorio-Rivera, 18, and her infant daughter, Celine, dead from gunshot wounds inside their bedroom. Investigators said a previously unidentified suspect shot Yanelly while she was in bed with her daughter before fleeing the home.

However, the death of this young mother and daughter have a disturbing tie to Yarelly Solorio-Rivera- Yanelly’s 22-year-old older sister.

Yarelly was arrested for shooting dead her 18-year-old sister and her 3-week-old niece. Her boyfriend was also arrested and charged with two counts of premeditated murder. Both of them were placed into custody following the double homicide, and both allegedly confessed to the murders. They provided an explanation as to why Yarelly allegedly wanted to commit the crime.

Officials said they were able to identify Martin Arroyo-Morales, 26, as the man seen in an incriminating surveillance video. After this identification, he confessed to the crime and led investigators to the location of the gun used in the shooting. The weapon involved was a 9-millimeter Smith and Wesson handgun.

Police say Martin Arroyo-Morales and Yarelly Solorio-Rivera planned the murders and determined how they would get away with them. The motive that they confessed to the police was a sibling rivalry that involved a lot of jealousy.

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp says the murders of young people hit nerves and made this case personal for police. She confirmed that the murder charges against both suspects will be filed with special circumstances for multiple victims, meaning prosecutors may be able to seek the death penalty.

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