Jihadi Jail Break As Some 300 Terrorists Escape Prison

Abuja Jihadist Jail Break

Boko Haram Bombed and Raided A Nigerian  Prison Housing Terrorists

Around 300 inmates are on the run after a suspected Boko Haram raid on a prison in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, an interior ministry official said. A security officer was killed during the raid and three others were injured.

About 300 out of 600 inmates who fled the prison cells have been recaptured and a manhunt is continuing for the remaining inmates.

A separate but simultaneous attack occurred after a group opened fire on the convoy carrying Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s security guards, protocol and media officers, but it was repelled by the military, police and security staff.

He said the suspected Boko Haram attackers came for members who were held in the prison.
Nigeria has been dealing with Islamic extremism since at least 2009 when an organization known as Bolo Haram started to attack Muslims they disagreed with and Christians alike. Almost weekly they are carrying out bombings, mass executions, and other heinous acts in furtherance of their cause. However outside of an attack on an UN building in 2011 all of their targets seem to be related to domestic Nigerian governance as a oppose to a total assault on a ‘western way of life’ which has been the aim of other extremist sects.
Boko Haram is an Islamic sect that believes northern politics has been seized by a group
of corrupt, false Muslims. It wants to wage a war against them, and the Federal Republic
of Nigeria generally, to create a “pure” Islamic state ruled by sharia law. Since 2009 it has been driven by a desire for vengeance against politicians, police, and Islamic authorities for their role in a brutal suppression of the group that year.
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