Jill Biden Shuts Down Reporter Over Joe’s “Gaffes”

Jill Biden Shuts Down Reporter Over Joe's

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Democratic nominee Joe Biden is gaffe-prone. The former vice president seems always to be saying something that’s either offensive or illogical. His comment about African-Americans not being black if they vote for President Donald Trump is an excellent example of both. His wife, however, refused to admit it’s a problem in a recent interview.

On Sunday, September 27, Jill Biden spoke to Jake Tapper during a “State of the Union,” and refused to discuss her husband’s gaffes. The nominee’s wife told the CNN host he couldn’t even say the word “gaffe” after Trump’s presidency.

It would have been so easy for Jill to admit her husband makes off-the-wall comments sometimes and just move on. Instead, she decided to point at President Trump.

The president has repeatedly pointed out Joe’s crazy statements. He’s even said he believes the former vice president should take a drug test. How are the American people supposed to trust someone like that? Gaffes are fine when you’re a private citizen. They could be very dangerous if he were elected commander-in-chief.

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