Joe Biden Fires Trump Appointed Labor Board in Disturbing Break With Tradition

Joe Biden Fires Trump Appointed Labor Board in Disturbing Break With Tradition

( – On January 20, Joe Biden entered the Oval Office like a wrecking ball. The Democrat signed a flurry of executive orders rolling back many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s policies. But he didn’t stop there; he also fired members of the Trump administration who weren’t finished with their allotted terms.

Trump Appointee Fired

On Wednesday night, Biden fired Peter Robb, the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The Trump-appointee still had 10 months left in his 4-year term when he was ousted by the new administration.

The firing came after Robb refused Biden’s initial attempt to force his resignation. He responded to a request from the White House to resign by refusing and saying he believed it “would set an unfortunate precedent for labor relations” in America.

Robb also took a swipe at Biden’s claims that he was going to bring the country together and to saying he thought the new administration was going to “foster civility and unity,” while following the “rule of law.” Instead, he said Biden was violating those principles and opening the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) up to political influence.

Biden paid no mind to Robb’s concerns, terminated him, and installed Lauren McFerran into the position.

Not the Only Termination

Unfortunately, Robb wasn’t Biden’s only target after he was sworn into office. Alice B. Stock, Robb’s deputy, was terminated after she also refused to resign. Michael Pack, the head of Voice of America, the news network that Americans access across the globe, a target of the Left for a long time, also lost his job.

In addition to those named above, Biden fired Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Kathleen Kraninger. Finally, the new POTUS put Michael Ellis, the general counsel at the NSA, on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations he mishandled classified information.

It looks like the new administration is on the path to breaking Washington again. Let’s hope the American people aren’t collateral damage.

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