Joe Biden Plays Race and Gender Politics With Economic Aid

Joe Biden Plays Race and Gender Politics With Economic Aid

( – President Donald Trump has worked hard to get rid of policies that unfairly divided Americans by race. But, if his speech is any indication, it looks like Joe Biden plans to destroy Trump’s hard work if he’s sworn in on January 20. The Democrat proved that with a new announcement about economic aid for businesses.

On Sunday, January 10, Biden announced he was going to prioritize aid for businesses based on race and gender. He explained small businesses will be prioritized, especially “black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned” companies.

Conservative author Mark Dice sharply criticized Biden over his plan, calling him a racist.

Prioritizing business owners based on their race and gender is the very definition of racism and sexism. The Constitution demands the government treat all Americans equally, but it’s clear Biden doesn’t plan to do that if he comes into power.

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