Joe Biden Trying to Reach New Deal With Iran

Joe Biden Trying to Reach New Deal With Iran

( – In 2018, former President Donald Trump officially pulled the US out of the nuclear agreement with Iran. He believed the hostile nation was violating the terms of the agreement and wasn’t going to make America be a part of it any longer. Instead of coddling the country in the hope that they would behave, Trump took a hardline approach. He issued sanctions and let them know he wasn’t just going to roll over for them.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden said he would reenter the agreement if he were elected to office. He won, and the new POTUS almost immediately started working on a plan to get the US back into the agreement Trump thought was no longer serving the country well. Now, it seems that reality is closer than ever.

Biden’s Negotiations

Members of Biden’s administration have been in Vienna trying to revive the nuclear deal with Iran. Reports indicate that the president’s team seems like they want to reenter the agreement no matter what it costs.

According to a May 5 report by the Jewish News Syndicate, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies senior adviser Richard Goldberg was given information indicating the Iranian government is already declaring victory. They believe the US is going to give them “90 percent to 95 percent of the sanctions relief the Iranians had been seeking.”

Unfreezing How Much?

That report comes as others indicate Biden is thinking about unfreezing $1 billion in Iranian funds over which the US has control. The administration reportedly believes it could be used for humanitarian relief and to convince Iran to reenter the nuclear deal. But, the US may be giving up more than it’s getting to return to the original flawed deal.

Republicans in Congress reportedly oppose the deal, which is not surprising. They don’t want to re-enter the agreement because they believe it was a total failure. Without sanctions, Iran will continue to walk all over the US. It’s unclear whether Biden is going to reach out to GOP lawmakers before making such a decision or if he’s just going to plow ahead as usual without their input.

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